Have you noticed we don’t have best practice benchmarks for precinct development, that encompasses the full suite of metrics supporting sustainability?

While digital and data is not considered a sustainability ‘outcome’ it sure is an incredible enabler. And this is where the rub is.

In a world where we have specified benchmarks for almost every sustainability and urban life metric, digital connectivity, digital infrastructure, and data leadership continue to fall through the cracks. And with no agreed industry benchmarks for these issues, anything will do.

And as we seek to build resilient and future proofed urban developments, ensuring they are fit for the digital economy really needs to be a core consideration.

So, we are on a mission at ENE.HUB to correct this, in part, by stimulating dialogue and suggesting some options.

Take a look at our early work on building a Digital Urbanism Framework and let us know what you think.

If any consultants are interested in collaborating on further development of this framework, reach out to Adam Beck, Head of Digital Urbanism.