ENE.HUB is building a partner innovation network, so it can work more closely with market leaders in public place connectivity, digital service provision and place analytics. This will support our mission to help local councils and land authorities connect, activate and measure urban life in the public realm.

One way it is doing this is by using a market sounding process to identify, map and engage with emerging companies and solutions.

The benefits to interested parties include the potential to collaborate with one of the nation’s leading digital infrastructure companies, and its existing and potential customers, as well as other supply chain solution providers.

By using its suite of multifunction smart poles and public place furniture as backbone neutral host shared infrastructure, market innovators will be invited to test their solutions with the ENE.HUB team and our customers.

The goal is to learn, identify potential use cases and shape future opportunities to better connect, activate and measure urban life in the public realm.

This is not a procurement process, but rather a registration of interest process to gather information. ENE.HUB will use the process to assess opportunities and commence engagement with solution providers.

The registration of interest process is now open and can be completed here.

For further information or questions, contact Adam Beck, Head of Digital Urbanism at ENE.HUB.