Without a common vision, trust and collaboration between multiple stakeholders, 5G deployment will not achieve the high quality urban outcomes the community expects.

ENE.HUB believes collaboration is the backbone of successful 5G deployment, and sets this as it’s starting point. We seek to work openly and transparently with all key stakeholders to deliver mutually reinforcing goals.

In a recent interview with our Head of Digital Urbanism, Adam Beck describes ENE.HUB’s goal of ‘Frictionless 5G’, which is more collaborative, place relevant and offers a net gain to the local council’s and land authorities and the community alike.

This is achieved through ENE.HUB‘s neutral host shared infrastructure model that can enable a diversity of digital services in our multifunction poles, beyond just lighting and 5G.

Listen in to the 13min interview here.

Adam Beck presented more about this topic at the CommsDay Summit in Sydney on 2-3 May.