Enabling the next (5th) generation of wireless technology for mobile and internet services is a key goal for the Australian government. As the Australian Infrastructure Plan 2021 stipulates, this 5G infrastructure will “…support Australia’s economy, health system, education, productivity and ability to innovate.”

In short – it offers greater levels of equity, value and quality.

This is also a core tenant of the Australian Government’s Digital Economy Strategy and its mission to ensure the nation is a top 10 digital economy and society by 2030.

But with this 5th generation of technology comes the need to upgrade existing services and deploy new infrastructure. And we must do this in a way the respects the public realm and delivers high quality urban outcomes

ENE.HUB is proud to work with leading Telecommunications Carriers to realise this vision, by innovating the design of it’s SMART.NODE™ system to elegantly ‘hide in plain sight’ the new small cell infrastructure that is the backbone for 5G.

To build an insights-driven culture across our communities and enable better social and economic service delivery, ubiquitous and high-quality digital connectivity is essential.

With this milestone project we have started to realise this vision.

[Download our Place Futures Note on ‘5G and Place’ to read more about ENE.HUB’s commitment to supporting the nations digital economy goals]