There is much discussion about digital twins right now. Both government and the private sector are advancing opportunities to exploit the capability that this data activation approach offers.

At ENE.HUB we seek to remain focussed on innovating around the products and services that we have pioneered for years, and deliver on what we specialise in.

That includes delivering best in class digital connectivity throughout our communities, activating services in the public realm that deliver better engagement, experience, and insight as well as helping land authorities measure urban life.

We therefore believe it is critical to ensure we communicate our role in emerging opportunities, like digital twin.

Let us explain…

Our role in developing and deploying digital twin projects is aligned with the core capabilities and lifecycle approach to digital twin implementation that is now widely accepted in the marketplace.

We acknowledge that based on emerging international standards, a digital twin encompasses a series of capabilities, and that these capabilities are both from a human and digital perspective.

And while commonly associated with the built environment, we believe that data does not discriminate, and therefore built and natural environments, social life and economic prosperity can also underpin digital twin capability.

We embrace the broad definition of a digital twin being a digital replica of a real entity or process, but we also agree that the digital replica:

  1. has a digital connection with the real-world entity, allowing data to flow between the two (Connection)
  2. can ingest disparate data assets, categorise them, cleanse them and ready them for analysis and simulation (Integration)
  3. can perform the varying level of analysis to present insights, and support optimisation processes (Analysis)
  4. has the capability to simulate, to test what if’ scenarios and multiple options (Simulate)
  5. can visualise the insights in multiple dimensions and in immersive environments (Visualisation)

At ENE.HUB we identify our core products and services as supporting many of these digital twin capabilities, namely connection, integration and analysis.

In addition to supporting these capabilities, we acknowledge that you just don’t buy a digital twin. It’s not that easy, as much as we would like it to be.

Whilst technically you may be able to procure from a vendor the digital components to assemble a digital twin, we must not forget it is people who steward these processes and are responsible for making decisions based on the insights and opportunities generated by the digital twin.

So, we therefore appreciate the process of developing and implementing digital twins, and that we must support our customers with this important journey. We can support our customers at the various phases of the digital twin journey, including:

  • vision and strategy creation
  • business case development
  • human capability uplift (training) programs
  • procuring relevant technology and data tools
  • defining core use cases
  • sharing and exchanging knowledge among peers
  • engaging with new business models and partnerships to help scale

We hope you are excited about the prospects of digital twin, and the greater data activation and insights-driven action and investment that we hope to catalyse with them.

Our Place Futures Note – ENE.HUB & Digital Twins can be downloaded here.