The Charter for Digital Urbanism

We are living in a digital economy. This means more investment is flowing into technology and data that can underpin an improvement in jobs, productivity and resilience. This is a core goal of all levels of government in Australia, and around the world.

Digital connectivity is powering a new level of citizen engagement – we are now living immersive digital lifestyles. Many daily tasks are becoming more digitalised, and with the next (fifth) generation of wireless connectivity becoming more prominent, our places and spaces will be even more connected than ever.

We want to ensure that urban life can thrive in a positive way with this new level of connectedness and that ENE.HUB’s solutions and services can support this transformation in a way that is inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable.

Charter for Digital Urbanism will address this, by articulating a comprehensive set of principles for dealing with this transformation process, and what it means for the public realm, property development, infrastructure delivery and our natural landscapes.