Our Digital Trust Journey

For more than a decade ENE.HUB’s SMART.NODE™ product has been evolving in both form and function. It’s leading edge, in our humble opinion!

As both a data collector and digital service enabler, the SMART.NODE™ has helped local Council’s and land authorities enhance their public realm investments.

To keep pace with leading best practice, there is another important element of our work that must evolve – helping our customers build greater digital transparency.

Using the Digital Places and Routines (DTPR) open standard, we have been inspired to start building a set of communication tools to more transparently share information about what technology is being deployed within our SMART.NODE™.

Our next step is to work with our customers to understand what data they collect with these technologies and for what purpose.

Questions that we are looking to explore with our customer pilot projects include:

  • What type of information is collected
  • Whether the information collected is identifiable, or non-identifiable
  • What format the collected data is in (eg. Tabular, video, etc)
  • How the information is protected and what privacy and security arrangements are implemented (eg. encrypted)
  • Where the information is stored
  • How long the information is stored for
  • Who can access the information
  • And for what purpose is the information used.
  • We have captured some images on this page and notes of the journey so far.

The current set of digital trust icons representing ENE.HUB’s digital services can be found here.

ENE.HUB is also seeking feedback here.