ENE.HUB has been connecting, activating, and measuring urban life in public places and spaces for more than a decade. Its evolution has been one that has often been directed by the capability of the technology and data management solutions and assets available in the marketplace.

So, when it comes to measuring place – where are we at?

The webinar helps answer some important questions, like:

  • The fundamental attributes of place analytics – what’s involved, broadly?
  • What are the core data assets being used to analyse place (slow data, fast data, private data, public data, community-generated data)?
  • What are the technology solutions powering data collection, data analysis and data visualisation for the public realm?
  • How does place data gets analysed – and what can be done with it?
  • What does this mean for place managers, policy makers and practitioners helping shape communities, places and spaces?

This free webinar was held on Thursday 1st June.

Our panel who explored this topic included Adam O’Connor from Countculture, James Peet from ENE.HUB, Lucinda Hartley from Neighbourlytics, and Norion Ubechel from Place Intelligence.