The momentum of ‘digital’ is great and is continually changing – our lives continue to be more digitally connected, we are generating more and more data, and our reliance on technology continues at swift pace.

But ironically, infrastructure planning hasn’t changed! We continue to see a disconnect between traditional infrastructure and utilities planning, and digital infrastructure planning.

While government policy and strategy is making moves to bring ‘digital by default’ into our infrastructure planning and development, what plays out in practice is still disconnected. “Let’s ‘add’ a digital overlay, to the planning we have already done”, seems to be the norm.

The future of infrastructure must be shared, connected and collaborative.

Integrated and shared infrastructure must be promoted as a key opportunity for not only attracting investment in infrastructure and good urbanism but also sustaining it.

But to do so we must treat and value digital infrastructure differently to what it is now.

Listen to this webinar that has some of the best minds coming together to share their views, and recommendations.

Our panel exploring the topic includes Catherine Hill from JacobsJon Obrien from GWI, Heath Gledhill from Aurecon and Ian Hatton from ENE.HUB.